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In conjunction with a well planned and visually appealing website design, good website development techniques ensure that your website works as the website strategy intended. Apart from ensuring that website content is interesting and valuable to visitors, a good user experience is based on ensuring that the website is safe to visit and that all of its functionality works optimally at all times.
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What constitutes good website development?

Usability - ensuring the user experience is a good one every time regardless of the device they are using to access the website.

SEO - in addition to search engine optimized content, ensuring search engines can find your website and reference it by loading relevant meta tags and meta descriptions.

Reliability - your website should be accessible to customers 24/7/365 and all website functionality should work optimally.

Modernity - good website development techniques enable us to update website coding quickly and easily in line with future upgrades to devices and web browsers as they are launched.

Safety - robust website development and reliable website hosting ensures your website cannot be hacked. This is especially important for ecommerce websites or any websites that collect personal data.

What will good website development do for your business?

The development of your website plays a major role in best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practice. Google for example, will penalize a website where functionality doesn’t work well, or in the case where the website may expose visitors to threats or breaches in how personal data is managed. In addition, with so many people accessing websites through their mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones, your website will need to be responsive so that it looks and works the way it should across all internet enabled devices.

By choosing a competent and experienced website developer such as The Formula, you will help ensure your website not only attracts more traffic (and traffic = customers) but also turns these visitors into sales or sales leads.
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