recent study has found that tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favourites, and 150% more retweets than those without, while another source reveals that online articles with images, garner 94% more views that those who have none. These are just two statistics which prove that images and videos are absolutely essential if you are wanting to really give your online marketing strategy every possible chance for success. For further insightful statistics, take a look at the informative infographic from Optimind Technology Solutions which you can access here.

Where is it appropriate to use images in your online marketing?

To gain the most benefit from the use of visual media – i.e. images and video, you should incorporate these within all your online marketing tools.

1. Website

Large image backgrounds and banners containing large wide-format images are gaining popularity as visitors respond to a website which feels more ‘alive’ than a simple expanse of white space or endless reams of text. Video’s incorporated on the home page and in strategic locations where they are able to offer the visitor insight into a company, its people and the products and services on offer, provides customers and prospects with a virtual experience of your organisation, thereby making the experience more personal and tangible.

2. Blog Articles

The blog articles which are found to be most popular, include those which feature ‘long copy’ of between 700 and 1500 words. To break up text however and to help lend meaning and relevance to the story, associated video’s, illustrations and photo’s ensure a richer experience for the reader.

3. Social Media

Our own experience has proven that Facebook and LinkedIn posts which feature a simple, yet interesting  image receive greater engagement than simple text based posts. Inspirational messages and quotations and even jokes are enhanced when they are either posted as an image, or with a suitable image as an accompaniment.

Why do images and videos have such a beneficial impact on internet marketing?

If we think back to our childhood, we will remember that images played a large role in our lives and the manner in which we were able to learn. Human beings retain knowledge when they are able to link sight, touch and sound to whatever information they are being presented with. While we can’t enable touch in online marketing, we can allow for our other faculties to be stimulated to help our audience engage with our message.

1. Informational

Images and videos are often able to relay a message or key information in a more entertaining, easily digestible manner than text. In fact it is reported that 20% of people will read text while 80% will opt to watch a video with the same content.

2. Explanatory

Getting your point across is easier when you are using images and videos in your online marketing efforts. A good example of this would be an infographicwhich visually sets out information in digestible, easy to understand portions.

3. Evidence

Whether it be photos and videos of your products, videos of your service in action or even a client testimonial caught on tape – images and videos are able to help the prospect gain a more realistic association with your brand, your products and your services.


4. Personalised

People ultimately want to procure products and services from other people. Behind every brand, is a team of people that build the service levels and culture which make that brand successful. In addition, our digital age has resulted in the reduction of one-on-one customer contact. Photos and videos provide the ideal opportunity to introduce your people and your business premises to your customers in a personalised, natural way.

Getting it right. The non-negotiables of marketing with images and videos

While images and videos will most definitely enhance your online marketing strategy, there are a few key aspects to remember in order to ensure that you gain the most benefit.

1. Stock material is OUT

Stock images and videos have been used and abused by marketers the world over with the result that we see the same imagery being used by a variety of organisations. Nothing looks more impersonal. The trend now leans toward unique visual materials. Photos can be created by professional photographers for your organisation, or if you or a member of your team has a gifted eye – you can take your own images. Videos can also be professionally created, however big brands have found that smaller, more ‘natural’ self-made videos are more popular. People want to get personal with the brands they support! 

2. Relativity to subject

The thoughtful placement of images and videos is essential to ensure that your communications are powerful and engaging. Popping a stock image into an article for example, simply to ensure that you have covered the marketing requirement to add an image, is not enough. You will need to ensure that the image or video helps to explain what you are communicating, help to evoke emotion or drive a particular action. Internet marketing may seem somewhat of a minefield. With The Formula however, you have access to a highly personalised service in which we engage as one of your team to help you make the best marketing moves online at all times. Let us help you develop your online marketing strategy and see the outstanding results unfold! Give Garth Dahl or Shiraz Khatib a call on 021 556 5661 or email us: – our consultations are free and we look forward to helping your business grow!

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