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Design a website to convert visitors into customers...

Your website is a critical visitor and customer channel to your brand. It is for this reason that you need something intuitive and innovative to convert visitors to customers and to embrace your customers so they continue to support your brand and share their experiences.

Your website is the virtual, and very often the first experience that your customers and prospects will have of your business. It is for this reason that your website must be designed to accurately portray your professional image and ultimately leave your customers and prospects with a clear, positive impression of your business.

Our inspirational website design Cape Town team will produce a world class website for you.

There are a few essential web design elements that will ensure this:

Engagement - how your website content is structured needs to be as simple as possible and must appeal to your target market in order to engage your customers. This differs according to your industry and the needs of your clients, which is why a well planned, professionally designed website that sells your services in the simplest manner possible, and a straightforward, yet effective online marketing strategy is so important.

Branding - the design of your website should promote your branding and this refers to the integration of not only the website design elements that complement your logo, but also the style, colours and layout which enhance the image that you wish to portray to your customers and prospects.

Navigation - making information both visible to customers and easy to access is imperative. A logical layout will make it easy for prospects to take the next step, or to take action. A good website design promotes customer engagement, cross selling and actively supports all your search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing strategies. Communication - professionally compiled copy, or website content, that is not only search engine optimised (SEO) to include relevant keywords, but that also makes the information you are sharing easy to read and digest, is absolutely essential.

Visibility -a good website design will not achieve results in isolation. The development of your website, as well as all the search engine optimisation considerations need to be incorporated in order to ensure the optimal visibility of your website online.

What will good website design do for your business?

A well planned and professionally designed website will ensure that you are able to generate a specific response from your target market, which will in other words, increase the number of sales or sales leads that you receive from your website.

Your website should work for you and should ensure a positive return on your marketing investment. With over 20 years of experience in developing websites that achieve results, our Cape Town based web design team at The Formula, has the expertise needed to help you develop a simple, yet effective online marketing strategy, as well as see your website design and development project through from start to finish.

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