Quality Website Design - Most Popular Frequently Asked Questions

Most Popular Website Design Questions you should ask and know the answers to!


Why is a premium quality website design so important?


The look and feel of a website, as well as its navigation and functionality is a direct reflection of your business. For this reason, a well-planned, carefully considered website design is imperative if you are wanting to really put your best foot forward online and engage more customers.

At The Formula, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so although we use website development platforms such as WordPress and Joomla, we will design your website in a manner that complements your overall brand identity and which appeals to your particular target audience. Our marketing team and website designers will work closely with you to ensure that we produce a website design that you will be proud of and that your customers will flock to.

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How long does it take to design and build a website?


The time that it will take us to design your website and deliver the finished product to you, depends on the size and complexity of the site. While simple information based websites are fairly quick to produce (two to four weeks), larger, more complex websites, such as eCommerce websites will take longer. Incorporating solid website testing, especially in the case of eCommerce websites is vital and this testing can take a few days when it comes to more complex websites. When we provide you with our quotation, we will also provide you with a time frame for completion.

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Why is a mobile friendly, or responsive website important to have?


An astonishing 1 in 4 people in South Africa now access the internet using their mobile devices, with more people joining the local mobile internet revolution daily. Traditional websites do not scale down to fit the smaller screen size of a mobile device which makes text difficult to read, while buttons and links tend to be difficult to locate and use.

A mobile friendly website avoids all these problems and delivers a pleasant experience to the mobile user. A stand-alone mobile website (mobi site) is separate from the main website and has its own URL – for example http://m.google.com. The latest trend however is toward responsive website design, which enables the website to resize according to the device being used.

Whether you opt for a stand-alone mobile website or a mobile responsive website will depend entirely upon your needs as a business. We will help you to make the best decision for your business during our online marketing consultation with you (our consultations are free!).

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What is an online marketing strategy and should I have one?


An online marketing strategy encompasses all your online marketing activities including your website, social media, online content (such as a blog) and online advertising.
We are a full service digital marketing agency and it is our specialty to make sure that your website forms the foundation of a highly successful and profitable online marketing strategy.
We will assist you through an online marketing consultation (it’s free!), to develop your online marketing strategy and our talented, experienced marketing team works hand-in-hand with our website design and development team, to achieve the return that you deserve from your online marketing investment.

We have helped many businesses succeed and realise truly phenomenal marketing results online.

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What is a content management system (CMS) and do I need one?


A CMS enables you to easily make changes to text, images and blog posts on the website, without specialised technical knowledge and also enables the website developer to more swiftly make changes to the layout and pages of your website.

A CMS may mean a slightly higher initial outlay when you design and develop your new website, however you will potentially save money and increase efficiency in the long term if you are wanting to update your website on a regular basis.

We use WordPress as our preferred platform for content driven websites as WordPress is highly intuitive and easy to use. If you are able to edit a document using Microsoft Word, you will be able to manage content changes in WordPress with ease.

In the case of an eCommerce website, where you will want to update products, as well as other content on the website regularly, we generally recommend Joomla. Joomla is robust and flexible, and offers an easy to use interface. With just a little training, which we provide, even the greatest technophobe will be able to update website content with confidence!

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How often should my website be updated?


Existing and prospective customers love to see new content so you will need to establish what frequency will be best for you…

Content: Updating your website regularly benefits your SEO (search engine optimisation) and the experience your customers and prospects will have when visiting your website. The most popular search engine in use today, Google, mostly sets the rules as to how websites should be designed, developed and maintained to achieve the highest search rankings. Google’s most recent algorithms actively promote those websites which offer users relevant, useful content which is updated and added to on a regular basis. We often recommend that a blog be incorporated on your website, which should be updated with a new blog post either weekly or bi-weekly, as this will increase your organic search ranking significantly.

Functionality and Security: Depending on the nature of your website, we may need to update your website functionality and security every few months. It is also a good idea to let our developers run a check on your website periodically, to ensure that all links and functionality are working as they should.

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How do I get my website to show up on the first page on Google?


A high search ranking with Google is dependent on the experience that you are able to create for your visitors and how your website is developed i.e. it needs to be developed in-line with Google’s best SEO practices. To achieve the perfect balance, the content, functionality and design of the website must synergise. In addition, search engine optimisation techniques need to take place behind the scenes, by experienced and qualified SEO specialists.

Our website design and development team at The Formula specialises in building premium, high-performance websites. By ensuring that your content contains keywords that attract interest; your website design is both logical and visually appealing; and by ensuring that your website functions perfectly every time –we deliver an online experience for your business that is worth returning to!
In addition, we build our search engine optimisation (SEO) service in to each new website that we build which includes all the behind the scenes, technical stuff that will help your website rank in the highest possible position in Google search results.

Please note however that although we will ensure that your website is suitably search engine optimised when it is built, SEO is ultimately an ongoing practice which incorporates content upgrades (such as regular blog posts), social media and online pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. We will discuss the most cost efficient and suitable solution for your business during our online marketing consultation with you – our consultations are free.

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