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Viral Marketing - offer G-Wiz & boost brand awareness!

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Do you think your big idea or inspiring message has the potential to spread like a virus?

Taking the form of video clips, interactive games, mobile apps, eBooks, cartoons, inspirational messages, email messages and more - viral marketing encompasses the spread of your branding and a simple and either useful or entertaining message using interested and engaged individuals as the method of spreading your message naturally.

Viral marketing is based on the age old "word-of-mouth" marketing approach and is without doubt one of the best, most powerful ways to build brand awareness.

Concept and Strategy - either you already have a great idea that you're dying to make real, or our creative marketing team can assist you to develop a winning viral marketing campaign.

Design & Distribution - from the design of visuals to the distribution of your marketing message over a wide range of online marketing channels - we have every aspect of your viral marketing campaign covered.

What will a creative Viral Marketing Campaign do for your business?

By creating engaging content that people are inspired to share without any other binding commitment - your brand has the potential to become top of mind with a positive association very quickly and for a comparatively low cost.

At The Formula we are able to help you brainstorm, design, develop and distribute a memorable message and help you to kick-start your viral marketing campaign. We will help you to ensure that your message is both memorable and has a high social networking potential.

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