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The Formula has all your social media marketing tactics covered to help you build a powerful social media presence - be heard, loved & shared anytime, anywhere!

So much of our daily interaction with friends, family, companies and suppliers today takes place online. For this reason, modern organizations need to ensure that they facilitate a more personalized online relationship with their customers.

Your social media network includes your presence on key platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google + and the management of an active content marketing distribution facility such as your blog.

In addition to simply broadcasting your branding message and news of your products and services to the world, social media marketing enables you to develop a genuine relationship with your customers and audience and to help serve them better by offering useful and insightful information that can help them.

Strategy - The Formula will help you to design the best social media marketing approach based on a marketing needs analysis for your business

Platform Set-up - We cover all your needs from opening social media accounts on your behalf, to designing visuals such as customized, branded online banners.

Ongoing Management - You may not always get around to keeping the constant flow of social media messaging going that is required to ensure social media marketing success. We can manage the creation and management of your social media marketing for you.

Training - We will show you how to implement and manage your social media activities and give you on going support to ensure you are not overwhelmed at any time.

Campaigns from specific campaigns such as competitions to social media advertising - The Formula has all your social media marketing bases covered.

What will Social Media Marketing do for your business?

By ensuring that your social media marketing strategy forms part of an active client service strategy within your business, you will in addition to promoting your marketing efforts, boost the manner in which you serve your clients.

If social media marketing is approached correctly, it can have a significantly positive impact on the relationship your customers have with your brand.

As social media marketing is a long term investment, we will work hand in hand with you to ensure that your social media marketing strategy achieves the results you seek.

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