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Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short) is one of the most essential requirements for a successful website today. Whereas the use of lots of keywords and reams of rather meaningless content was the professional norm a few years ago, today, your website will only truly thrive if you’ve been able to answer ‘Yes!’ to all four of the following questions:

Does my website page content….

Meaningful and relevant content is key for SEO. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, are becoming increasingly refined in how they explore the content of websites so that they can provide users with the most relevant answers to their searches (or questions). It has become essential to provide high quality, genuinely engaging content, in order to stand out from the crowd.

 How do you achieve a


Creating the right balance between great content and functionality is key in achieving success in SEO. SEO requires not only careful planning, but importantly, an ongoing commitment. This is why not all SEO Companies are not adequately geared to achieve top results.

SEO Planning

Our SEO team considers two key aspects when providing an SEO strategy for your company. They include:

Customer Experience and Quality Content.

Think of your website as an extension of the services your company offers. If your prospect enjoys a positive experience on your website, they are most likely to return.

In terms of providing quality content, we think about what information would really add value to your prospects and customers, while considering the various means of presenting that information to them.

By incorporating well written meta-data and page content, videos, social media feeds and relevant, useful links to related information, we ensure that your website provides plenty of reasons for your visitors to not only look around and step further into your sales funnel, but also return to your website in the future, which of course provides further sales and marketing opportunities for you.

Behind the scenes, we also attend to the technical best practices of SEO which include ensuring the website is mobile friendly, contains a site-map and so forth.

Ongoing Commitment

Creating great content for your website is not a once off affair. Search engines favour websites that provide regularly updated, fresh and relevant information. Part of the SEO strategy that our team will discuss with you, will include the regular compilation of blog posts, videos and social media content which will ensure that your website remains fresh and well optimized.

What will Professional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) do for your business?

With a well search engine optimised website, you can be assured not only of higher search engine rankings (visibility as far up on the first page of search engine results as possible) but also an increase in targeted prospects visiting your website. In other words, you will attract those visitors who are most likely to want to do business with you.

In addition, you can look forward to a website that works to actively encourage prospects through your sales funnel so that they ultimately, become customers.

Lastly, a professionally search engine optimised website will ensure that your investment in online marketing is put to the very best use. You will get the most ‘bang for your buck’. By pulling all the available online marketing methods together in a way that compliments your business and communicates your services or products clearly, every cent that you spend on your online marketing, will ensure a positive return on your investment.

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