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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) encompasses all of the online marketing, or internet marketing tactics needed to increase the amount of quality traffic that gets driven to your website and to convert traffic to customers. The first step is to develop a solid and realistic eMarketing strategy. From there, you’ll be able to define the balance between natural, or paid search tactics that will work best for you. At The Formula we can help you to define your needs or you can simply choose from our comprehensive range of Search Engine Marketing services.

Keyword Optimization – we’ll research which keywords your website content should contain and optimize your website copy with these, as well as optimize your website page descriptions (meta description) and headings (meta tag).

Social Media Network – by integrating your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts and advising on the best methods you should employ to use these, we will help create more of a fruitful collaboration between your website and your social media network.

Paid Online Advertising – we have a variety of paid online advertising (PPC marketing) options available and will recommend the one most suited to your business and target market. From strategizing and designing the online ad campaign to placing and monitoring your online advert, we have all your needs covered.

Content Marketing – customers want more from business than simply products and services. We’ll help you define and deploy a professionally optimized content marketing strategy.

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Think of yourself standing in a vegetable market. The person who calls the loudest, is most convincing in the way he sells his goods and has the best looking stall will probably earn more of your attention than the stall stuck around the corner somewhere that nobody knows about. So it is with search engine marketing. To stand out from your competitors and attract the most customers, you need to market yourself in a convincing manner and in a variety of ways online.

At The Formula we like to look at the business needs of our customers in a holistic manner – regardless of whether you’re employing us to manage your entire online marketing strategy, or just parts of it. We see ourselves as partners in your success and as the online marketing extension of your business, we’ll help you boost your online reputation using modern and appropriate online marketing tactics.

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