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Quality conversions = a surge in sales & brand awareness!

Online advertising is employed as part of your Online Marketing Strategy to serve three objectives. These include driving quality traffic to your website, increasing sales and building brand awareness.

Placement and Position - your online advertising strategy will determine where in relation to the habits of your target audience, your online advert should be placed to garner the most response.

PPC (Pay per Click) ads - usually text based, a strong message that elicits an emotional response is the best way to attract attention.

Static and Animated Image Ads - an eye-catching design and powerful call to action (CTA) is central to the success of image based online banner adverts. Image ads often have a higher click through rate (CTR) because they are more visually appealing.

Social Media Ads -apart from search engines, social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube offer additional ways to advertise your products and services.

What will Online Advertising do for your business?

Provided your online advertising strategy is well thought out, you can look forward to a definite surge in your website traffic and sales in virtually no time at all. In addition to increasing sales however, you will be ensuring that potential customers become familiar with your brand which will pave the way to ongoing sales and long term success.

With in-depth experience in managing highly effective online advertising campaigns, The Formula as your trusted online marketing partner, will apply the most suitable internet advertising approach or a range of tools within the internet advertising strategy that will best suit your needs and budget.

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