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3 in every 4 South Africans use their feature rich mobile device in preference to a PC to access the internet, which means that if you do not have a mobile friendly website, you'll be not only loosing potential customers you'll also annoy current customers as they'll struggle to access important information, which will ultimately cost you loss of page views, lower SEO quality score and revenue.

Either a mobile responsive website design, which enables any user with virtually any mobile device to view your website, or a stand-alone mobile website is essential for businesses to ensure that their online marketing efforts are successful on mobile.

Speed - both mobile responsive websites and stand-alone mobile websites are designed to load faster than the average website. Mobile users tend to access the internet using 3G and 4G networks, with limited connection speeds, which is further hampered by the lower memory and processing speed of the mobile device. When a website loads slowly, or not at all, the frustration of having to wait will drive your customers and prospects away.

Clarity - mobile websites (mobi sites) that are well designed and developed, with content that has been written with the mobile user in mind, are less cluttered with information and are easy to view on a mobile device.

Navigation - when a mobile responsive website is designed and developed specifically for mobile users, whether they are using a smartphone, feature phone or tablet, they will be able to move around the contents of your responsive website and locate information with ease.

Functionality - hyperlinks and buttons on mobile friendly websites are designed for one-click mobile user access which makes it easier for mobile users to make purchases, contact your business, or find out more information.

Search engine optimization - mobile responsive websites will receive a higher ranking in mobile search results as search engines, such as Google, are designed to deliver the most relevant, suitable websites to users and will actively promote mobile responsive websites.

What will a mobile friendly website design do for your business?

A well optimized, mobile friendly website design that has been professionally developed by mobile website designers, will ensure that your customers' needs and expectations have been accurately catered for and will enable them to quickly access the most important information about your business.

A mobile friendly website actively supports the purchase decisions that your customer wants to make and leaves them with a positive, lasting impression of your business. With over 8 years of experience in developing mobile websites that achieve results, our Cape Town based web design team at The Formula has the expertise needed to help you develop your mobile online strategy, as well as see the design and development of your new mobile website through from start to finish.

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