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Mobile applications, or 'apps' are a great way to offer your customers convenient access to your content while enabling you to promote your products and services. Apps are the ultimate marketing tool because you are potentially placing your brand in the hands of hundreds of mobile phone users.

Concept & Strategy - the design and development of a mobile app is no small feat. With The Formula however, you needn't fear this all important process as we will help you to define a practical mobile app strategy that will ensure you achieve the highest return on your marketing investment.

Great Design - the key to a successful mobile app lies in robust mobile app design and development. Your mobile app needs to work well consistently in order to ensure a good customer experience.

Research & Development - we will research what mobile apps are already available and ensure you stand out from your competitors while ensuring your mobile app works like a charm and is easy to upgrade.

Value Added Service - a mobile app can be a great way to offer value added services to your existing customer base. This can result in repeat sales and ongoing positive customer retention.

What will great Mobile App Development do for your business?

A customized mobile app will not only help you deliver a great add value service to your existing customers, it will also help you to attract and retain potential customers. In addition, a mobile app is one of the simplest ways to help you maintain brand awareness, while it will provide a platform for the delivery of further advertising messages using the mobile app as a portal.

At The Formula we are able to design customized mobile applications for a virtually inexhaustible range of uses. Our mobile apps are designed for use by leading mobile phone and tablet operating systems such as Android, iOS, RIM and Windows Mobile.

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