Launching a digital marketing campaign is exciting and businesses always look forward to quickly seeing results from their digital marketing investments. The truth is however, that digital marketing campaigns do not always work as intended and when they don’t, there is always a reason for the failure.

Let’s take a look at some of the essential ways to ensure that you avoid a failed digital marketing campaign:

Know thy customer

Sure you may say that you know who your prospective customers are. You may understand one or a few of their needs because of the customers that already buy from you. But can you quickly and accurately say why your customers do or would support you?

If your content doesn’t speak to their needs in a way that gives them a really compelling reason to choose your business, then you have lost a sale. Ask the question of why your customers support you and provide a detailed answer to that question. Think of every possible reason. Next, think about how they would most likely find your content. Do they mostly use a laptop, smartphone or tablet? Or do they typically use a specific social media platform? For example, did you know that 93% of all Twitter views happen on a mobile device?

Develop a detailed customer persona to help you refine your marketing message and know where to place that marketing message.

Set your goals (KPI’s)

Are you looking for more customers (and how many new customers are you looking for?), or are you looking to create widespread brand awareness? It is essential to accurately define precisely what you want to achieve from your digital marketing campaign.

Winging it means that you cannot accurately determine whether the money and time that you have spent on your campaign, has been worthwhile to your business.

Rather than decide to throw a few blog posts and social media posts at your audience, decide exactly what you want to achieve from your digital marketing and then define a path of action that you would like your prospects to take. You will then be better positioned to change strategy if needed and decide what approaches bring you the best returns on your investment.

Strategise and strategise some more

When you launch a digital marketing campaign without a clearly defined strategy, it becomes almost impossible to ensure a fully cohesive brand experience for your prospects.

Without a solid digital marketing strategy and a clear message, you are essentially throwing darts at a wall in the dark, hoping to hit your target, but are almost assured of not doing so. The result is confusion for your prospects who may not be sure how to respond to whatever you are communicating. Define and revisit a solid digital marketing strategy which will help you hone your message to a targeted audience and achieve the results you are looking for.

Take a look L {link to }at these highly targeted, clever and strategic digital marketing campaigns helped to significantly increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Plan your approach

On what day, and during what part of the month should you launch your digital marketing campaign? Is there a specific time of day when your target audience is most receptive? A planned approach which includes timelines for the distribution of your campaign content, in line with your digital marketing strategy, gives you the best chance of ensuring a successful digital marketing campaign.

Document and carefully analyse your results

Very often businesses forget to accurately track the results of their digital marketing campaigns. Every time that you allocate resources and finance to digital marketing, you should be working toward achieving a specific outcome.

Knowing the outcome of any digital marketing strategy is essential for you to understand what the cost of sales or client acquisition has been. In time, you will be able to hone the allocation of resources and correctly define what digital marketing strategies work best within your business. Ultimately, results are everything and digital marketing campaigns must always be measured.

How to build a digital marketing strategy that achieves results…

By taking advantage of specialised digital marketing skills, you have the best chance of ensuring that your digital marketing campaign will work.

In addition to helping you define the best digital marketing tools to use in your campaign, our team will develop a solid digital marketing strategy and content distribution plan, as well as create your branded campaign content and provide reports and ongoing feedback, detailing your campaign outcomes. This helps to reduce the stress or uncertainty that is often associated with digital marketing and helps you use your marketing funds well.

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