Why your Business needs a Mobile Responsive Website NOW!

Approach any professional, reputable website design firm when looking to design a new website, and you will undoubtedly be advised to consider a responsive, mobile ready website. That is a website that uses the same URL on all devices, instead of a .mobi in addition to a .co.za / .com / .org etc. You will also notice however, that the responsive website option comes in at a slightly greater cost that your average static website. ... Read More

Is Web Design and Web Development a Dying Trade?

With the profusion of free and low cost website builders online that are offering an increasingly diverse range of perfectly reasonable website layouts, is it possible that website design and development services, offered by online marketing companies such as The Formula, could be a dying trade? ... Read More

8 Hot Web Design Trends to look out for in 2015

2014 has been an exciting year on the technology front with the release of numerous superb new mobile phones and tablets. Add to this the huge increase in smartphone purchases in South Africa during 2014 and we can see at least two contributors to the definite improvements that have taken place in web design over the last year. ... Read More