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Shouldn’t you be converting to a ‘Retina Ready’ website?

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By now you’ve no doubt heard of Apple’s ‘Retina Display’ devices. From its iPhones, to iPads and MacBook Pro’s – Apple is the most well know manufacturer of devices with these ultra-high-quality displays. But Apple, though the seeming leader in the field, is not the only company pushing for a screen resolution that is better ...Continue Reading

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Should I Optimise or Advertise? Striking the Balance between SEO and Online Promotion!

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When clients approach us wanting to increase their sales through internet marketing, we are often asked by the client whether they should invest their budget in their website and search engine optimisation activities, or whether they should look at online advertising for best results.

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Does Internet Advertising Still Work?

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Despite the fact that the bulk of marketers worldwide have in recent months readily shunned internet advertising in favour of their current darling ‘content marketing’, we believe that there is still a very valid place in the marketing mix for internet advertising.

Depending on your objectives, your products and services and the habits of your target market, internet advertising may be the best way to grab the attention you need.

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