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Common Digital Marketing mistakes you absolutely need to avoid…


Launching a digital marketing campaign is exciting and businesses always look forward to quickly seeing results from their digital marketing investments. The truth is however, that digital marketing campaigns do not always work as intended and when they don’t, there is always a reason for the failure. Let’s take a look at some of the ...Continue Reading

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Keeping up with the Jones’s 2 – is Your Website ‘on Trend’ in 2017?

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Web design sells – there is little doubt about that. Often described as the ‘Virtual Shop Window’ of a business, your website should showcase your products and services in a manner which is appealing to your customers. If you fail to achieve this, you run the risk of your prospects going elsewhere to procure what they ...Continue Reading

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Why a Professional Creative Website Matters – Web Development Structure & Design

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There is often much confusion regarding the difference between website design and website development. Many people think that these two vastly different disciplines are one in the same. While website design deals with the creative aspects of the website such as layout, colour and so forth to capture viewer interest, website development, or the building ...Continue Reading

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How to Choose a Professional Responsive Website Design Company

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When technology is not something that interests you and/or you’re not necessarily up-to-date with all the latest developments in online marketing and website design, choosing a website design company can be exceedingly difficult and stressful. In this blog post, we’re going to focus on responsive website design and how to find a website design company ...Continue Reading

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Why your Business needs a Mobile Responsive Website NOW!

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Approach any professional, reputable website design firm when looking to design a new website, and you will undoubtedly be advised to consider a responsive, mobile ready website. That is a website that uses the same URL on all devices, instead of a .mobi in addition to a / .com / .org etc. You will ...Continue Reading

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