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The 7 Skills and 7 Talents of Great Social Media Marketers

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The younger employees in your business are more than likely the best ones to manage your company social media accounts… right?

We’re here to tell you that this is a definite misconception!

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Why your Business needs a Mobile Responsive Website NOW!

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Approach any professional, reputable website design firm when looking to design a new website, and you will undoubtedly be advised to consider a responsive, mobile ready website. That is a website that uses the same URL on all devices, instead of a .mobi in addition to a / .com / .org etc. You will ...Continue Reading

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Why a Professional Website Matters – Search Engine Optimisation

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While a great looking website design is absolutely essential for any business wanting to reflect its professionalism online, it is the ability for search engines to find your website that will ultimately ensure its success. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is therefore one of the most important factors within a comprehensive online marketing strategy and ...Continue Reading

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Prepare for success in South Africa with mobile content marketing

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South Africa is poised to experience a rapid increase in the ownership and use of smartphones in the near future. With a current 31% penetration of smartphones in the country, there is already a great incentive for organisations to seriously begin considering the inclusion of more advanced and diverse mobile marketing tools within their overall marketing strategies.

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