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Understanding Mobile Marketing in today’s World Our Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

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With a current market penetration at 51% (as at December 2015) – up from 40% in 2013, an increasing number of South Africans are using Smartphones. The country has been earmarked by technology manufacturers as the next most viable marketplace for Smartphones and this will drive penetration even further in the coming years. Of that 51%, a whopping 95% of Smartphone users use their devices every day for email and web browsing. Mobile marketing, has therefore become something for companies to seriously consider. In this post, we will answer some of the leading questions that our clients ask.

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Is Web Design and Web Development a Dying Trade?

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With the profusion of free and low cost website builders online that are offering an increasingly diverse range of perfectly reasonable website layouts, is it possible that website design and development services, offered by online marketing companies such as The Formula, could be a dying trade? Certainly within the low cost, subscription based offerings, there ...Continue Reading

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The 9 P’s that will Pimp your Social Media Marketing

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All marketers and many business leaders involved in the marketing function will be au fait with the 4 P’s of marketing, namely Product, Price, Promotion and Place. They form the fundamental basics of a solid marketing approach. While that familiar P’s may apply to the overall marketing function, we’ve drilled down into what you need ...Continue Reading

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Your Top 10 Mobile Marketing Questions Answered

Mobile marketing
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Mobile marketing has not yet achieved much popularity in South Africa. For the most part, it is financial services, such as insurance and banking, as well as retail companies that have adopted mobile marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.

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Internet Marketing in South Africa – Why are we so slow on the uptake?

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Have you ever tried to find a local service or product online? Chances are you were either disappointed that you couldn’t locate what you were looking for, were appalled by what you did find, or disgusted because no-one bothered to come back to you in response to your online query.

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