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5 Essential Steps to Launching your New Website

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Most of us relish the anticipation of proudly introducing to the online world, the company we’ve worked so hard to build. There is an undeniable excitement and satisfaction that comes with showing off our new brand, our products and our services! If however like most people, you don’t work with websites every day, the prospect ...Continue Reading

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Keeping up with the Jones’s – is Your Website ‘On-trend’?

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Web design sells – there is little doubt about that. Often described as the ‘Virtual Shop Window’ of a business, your website should showcase your products and services in a manner which is appealing to your customers. If you fail to achieve this, you run the risk of your prospects going elsewhere to procure what ...Continue Reading

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To Curate or Create Content – What Should South Africans be Doing?

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Posted on: in Content Marketing The Formula Digital Marketing

If 87% of buyers say that online content has a major or moderate impact on vendor preference and selection, then why is it that so many South African companies and individuals appear to be disinclined to create and publish valuable content online?

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To Do Social Media Well, You Must Get Personal!

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Business is becoming increasingly driven by technology and in many cases – automated. Whether its an email auto response we receive, or a call centre we need to deal with, or even systems that check whether we’re due for a credit increase at the bank – we’re engaging with each other through technology far more than we are personally.

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