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Mobile marketing has not yet achieved much popularity in South Africa. For the most part, it is financial services, such as insurance and banking, as well as retail companies that have adopted mobile marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.

But mobile marketing can benefit most companies. Whether you are marketing a promotion, or simply integrating this form of communication as part of your customer service strategy – mobile messaging gets your brand out there and keeps your company top of mind.

So for those companies who haven’t yet adopted this highly effective and cost efficient form of marketing, here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding mobile marketing. You’ll also discover why mobile marketing is something for you to seriously consider.

1 – Isn’t mobile marketing more suited to the younger generation?

This is definitely not true. Think about how many middle age to older people you know who have a smartphone? Recent statistics reveal that smartphone penetration has increased across all age groups in the past year. In addition to this, smartphone manufacturers recently turned their attention to countries such as India and South Africa as new and highly viable markets, which is why you are starting to see more people using smartphones across the LSM (Living Standards Measure) range.

2 – Won’t my customers see my mobile communications with them as spam?

It all depends on whether you acquired their consent to communicate with them in the first place or not. In addition, the frequency and relevancy of the messages you send out will have an impact. Ensure that you have a valid list of opt-in customers and prospects, and unless you are using mobile messaging as a means for notification (such as sending a thank you), make sure that you craft meaningful, valuable messages which you send to your customers once a week at the most.

3 – If my industry doesn’t use mobile marketing – should I?

You need to ask yourself whether your customers can benefit from receiving marketing communications from you via their mobile, or not. Whether or not to communicate with them in this manner has nothing to do with what the current ‘norm’ may be in your industry. Some industries tend to lag behind in their marketing efforts, so rather focus on the needs of your customer rather than the activities of your industry.

4 – Can one use mobile marketing for more than communicating promotions?

Communicating with your customers using mobile messaging is a highly effective and professional element to include in your customer service strategy! For example, you can use an SMS to thank a customer after a purchase or to acknowledge them after you have had a call with them. You can also send work-in-progress updates, or even handy tips. Mobile marketing can be used to add value to the customers life and ultimately their experience with you. When in addition to customer service based SMS’s, you do decide to promote any products or services, your messages will be well received as the customer has already enjoyed a positive experience with your company.

5 – Is email marketing linked to mobile marketing?

Many individuals receive email via their mobile phones in addition to their other devices, so email certainly will form part of your mobile marketing strategy. Think about your target market and whether they typically will have smartphones already, or not. Knowing what device your target market is likely to use, will help you determine in which format you should send marketing messages via email. If your target audience does typically use their smartphone in order to read email, you will need to ensure that you have crafted an email template that is readable and looks good on a smaller screen or one that is easy to navigate and use once you zoom in. For an audience that uses a more basic device, text based emails may be a better option for you. If you aren’t sure what your audience is using, you can during your subscription process, or as a campaign, ask your customers what device type they are using. This enquiry can be made on a yearly or bi-yearly basis to ensure that your information remains up-to-date.

6 – Is location based mobile marketing ethical?

Again the ethics around location-based advertising are dependent upon whether your target audience has authorised you to send them mobile communications through the opt-in, or subscription process, or not. This form of marketing does not suit every business and is rather aimed at companies which attract physical feet through their doors, such as retail outlets and restaurants. The opt-in procedure can be done with a customer in store, at the point of purchase for example. This form of marketing is best suited to the tech-savvy younger crowd who will be more comfortable and familiar with receiving and acting upon mobile messaging delivered in this manner.

7 – What’s the difference between a mobile friendly and mobile responsive website?

A mobile friendly site will appear on your phone in exactly the same manner as it will on your desktop – just as a smaller version.  All links and buttons will work from a touch screen the way they would when you click using a mouse but it will be cumbersome.  We would not recommend this option though as the user experience will not be optimised.  If fact you more likely to disappoint.  A mobile responsive site on the other hand, will automatically adjust itself to the size and orientation of the screen that you are viewing the website on. The latter generally provides a far better user experience as key elements of the website are more easily visible.

8 – Is it safe to make a purchase using  your mobile phone?

If your mobile phone is manufacturer standard, it will still use the security measures that come with the phone. In addition, if you are sure that you only purchase apps from reputed vendors, then the security of your phone will not have been compromised. Making a purchase using a secure device such as this, will then be akin to making an online purchase with your computer. From a vendor perspective, if you are running an eCommerce website, you will need to ensure that you have the necessary securities and certificates in place to accept payments online.

9 – How often can I send my customers an offer via SMS?

Generally we recommend that an offer is sent once per week at the most. This is of course unless you are running a campaign which is intended specifically to benefit your customers. Always remember that a mobile marketing message will reach your customers wherever they are, so this will give the impression of a far more ‘intimate’ level of communication. It is therefore vital to send messages that are highly valuable to the customer. Overdoing the number of mobile marketing messages you send, or only ever sending basic promotions and offers will not enrich that more intimate relationship you should be nurturing with your customer. Be sure to use mobile messaging to assist and enrich, as well as promote.

10 – How much of my budget should I devote to mobile marketing?

According to a recent study from Gartner, 7.4% of the marketing budget is typically spent on mobile marketing. This percentage depends however on the audience to which you are appealing and the success of your testing program. With the high penetration rate overall of mobile phones and considering the increasing penetration of smartphones locally, it is safe to say that mobile marketing should assume anything between 3% and 7% of your overall marketing budget.

In many ways Mobile Marketing is incorrectly & underutilised in South Africa. This could be an huge opportunity for you.

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