Quantity vs. Quality – The Best Approach for Internet Marketing

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The debate over whether quantity is preferable to quality applies to virtually every sphere of marketing. In this post, we are going to take a look at how this applies to Internet Marketing.

The object of internet advertising is to drive traffic to your website, while social media networking and content marketing fulfil the rest of your internet marketing requirements.

Before we draw our conclusions, let’s take a look at the benefits of both quality and quantity in relation to internet marketing.

How ‘Quality’ Benefits Internet Marketing

Improved Targeting – By researching where your target market is most likely to see and respond to your ad and then by placing a relevant and enticing message in that spot, you’ll most likely see a higher rate of qualified click throughs. The chances prospect interest being converted into a sale is thus far higher.

Higher Level of Engagement – When you have a smaller network of individuals who have opted to engage with you of their own accord, rather than a larger network that has been acquired through a popularization approach, you have a naturally captive audience. As long as your messages are relevant, interesting and not over-frequent, you will retain these individuals and your communications with them will achieve the ends you seek.

Increased Revenue – If your network is made up of genuinely interested individuals, offers and new service / product announcements will be welcomed, leading to an easier up-sell and increase in revenue for you.

Word-of-Mouth Activity – A network of individuals who each advocate your products and services, will be more likely to share the good news with their network, leading to a larger community of suitably primed and receptive prospects.

On a somewhat entertaining note – HubSpot’s Mike Vople gives us 10 Horrifying Stats About Display Advertising - well worth the read! The final gist of this article is really about the benefits of focusing on a specific target audience, while overall the general consensus remains that display advertising is great for branding and can be very profitable – provided you’ve based your activity on a solid marketing strategy of course.

How ‘Quantity’ Benefits Internet Marketing

A Wider Net – The more diverse a presence you have online through advertising and the more in numbers your network of individuals on your social media platforms, the more ability you will have to influence a diverse audience of potential customers.

Brand Awareness – When more people see your message – such as an internet advert placed in a wide range of locations online and a large network that may see your social media posts – you are able to increase visual recognition of your brand.

Credibility – Perception says that the bigger the network of a company, the more popular that company must be. When potential customers see your ads everywhere and see that you have a huge fan base in social media – even if your network is not particularly engaged – the perception that your company is influential and popular may just be what you need.

Whether you have a large fan base or not – there is no doubt that messaging on social media for example, needs to be more personalised. Social Media Examiner’s – Bryden McGrath – gives us some pointers as to how to raise social media engagement in this article.

Choose your approach

It all comes down to strategy and the unique needs of your business. The one key question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to spread your net far and wide or whether you will benefit from a more targeted approach.

Are you looking to win trust and nurture a long term relationship? If you are a smaller business and you plan on keeping it that way, or if you offer specialist services or products – you will benefit from a more targeted internet marketing approach. Adverts in highly targeted locations and a smaller group of highly engaged individuals will benefit your business.

Are you looking to reel customers in by the numbers? If you offer a more generalist product or service, or feel that your business will benefit a more diverse group of people, then a larger audience will benefit your business more. In the case of a food retailer for example, it pays to have a far larger more diverse presence online as your target market is equally diverse and not confined to looking or engaging in a specific area.

At all times however, no matter whether you seek to grow a tight or massive following, your marketing materials and your approach should always be of a high, professional quality in order to successfully engage your customers.

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