Why Images and Videos are Critical to your Internet Marketing Strategy

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A recent study has found that tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favourites, and 150% more retweets than those without, while another source reveals that online articles with images, garner 94% more views that those who have none. These are just two statistics which prove that images and videos are absolutely essential ...Continue Reading

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It’s Time to Deliver Content that’s Good Enough to Share!

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Modern marketing is increasingly being forced to swiftly evolve in order to satisfy the modern consumer. Successful companies are no longer talking at people and instructing them to purchase, but rather actively engaging with them and nurturing a deeper relationship. Today, brands are having to prove themselves, keep their promises, maintain their ideals and make ...Continue Reading

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5 Ways to Run a Tight Ship in Social Media Marketing!

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Most business owners are well aware that an active presence on social media can make a significant, positive impact on the success of their overall internet marketing strategy. If you’re not yet a believer in social media, then take a look at our previous article ‘Social Media Marketing – it’s not a question of if ...Continue Reading

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Decoding Internet Marketing | Our Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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Internet marketing is somewhat of an all-inclusive term used to describe a variety of online, or digital marketing tools and strategies, so in this post we will uncover the most commonly asked internet marketing questions that aren’t covered in our other ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ categories. Remember that we always welcome your queries, so feel free ...Continue Reading

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