Should I Optimise or Advertise? Striking the Balance between SEO and Online Promotion!

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When clients approach us wanting to increase their sales through internet marketing, we are often asked by the client whether they should invest their budget in their website and search engine optimisation activities, or whether they should look at online advertising for best results.

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Commit to content marketing and win big!

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The term ‘Content Marketing’ is becoming increasingly familiar to many local businesses in South Africa who have come to understand, based very often on the advice of marketing consultants and other business leaders, that they need to be looking at incorporating content marketing in their overall marketing strategy.

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Step out of fear and into the future with employee enriched social media

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The sales, marketing and customer service landscape is continually and swiftly evolving. Where in the past, contact centres, inbound and outbound sales reps and traditional marketing were sufficient to deal with queries, create awareness and demand, customers are seeking more from the organisations they support. Whether you are a large enterprise or a micro business, ...Continue Reading

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The 7 Top Strategies used by Internet Marketing Winners

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Here at The Formula, we often refer to your website as being the central and most critical component of your digital marketing strategy. All the internet marketing tools that you do engage, should ultimately refer prospects and customers to your website, where they can find a wealth of valuable information and a reason to take ...Continue Reading

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