Why a Professional Website Matters – Website Design

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There are so many web design companies online today which offer cheap websites that are quick to build. While it isn’t necessary to break the bank when creating a new website, these cheap, quick to build website solutions may not offer the sort of planning and design that will deliver the business results which you ...Continue Reading

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Prepare for success in South Africa with mobile content marketing

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South Africa is poised to experience a rapid increase in the ownership and use of smartphones in the near future. With a current 31% penetration of smartphones in the country, there is already a great incentive for organisations to seriously begin considering the inclusion of more advanced and diverse mobile marketing tools within their overall marketing strategies.

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5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Helps Start-ups Succeed

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There is very little in the world of entrepreneurship that can be quite as hair raising, as launching a start-up business and doing the right things in the beginning to make sure that it succeeds! According to a statement made in 2013, by Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies, 5 out of 7 new small businesses fail within their first year.

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