The Top 5 C’s of Successful Social Media Marketing

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So you have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even possibly a Google+ account for your business. You post on these platforms fairly regularly – but you’re a little miffed at the fact that your phone isn’t ringing off the hook with customers, or that your posts haven’t gone viral.

What are those seemingly savvy business people doing that makes their social media marketing so effective?

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Does Internet Advertising Still Work?

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Despite the fact that the bulk of marketers worldwide have in recent months readily shunned internet advertising in favour of their current darling ‘content marketing’, we believe that there is still a very valid place in the marketing mix for internet advertising.

Depending on your objectives, your products and services and the habits of your target market, internet advertising may be the best way to grab the attention you need.

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Does one size fit all for mobile marketing?

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According to the Adobe Digital Index, tablets have become the primary device for mobile browsing in the developing world, while the Accenture Mobile Web Watch Internet Usage Survey, has discovered that South Africa and Brazil are ranked as the highest users accessing the internet on mobile devices. In both studies, tablets and smartphones are the devices upon which the research findings have been based.

While smartphones are currently the primary means of access, with the predicted increase in the widespread purchase of cheaper 7 inch tablets which are now available on the market, a growing range of internet enabled devices needs to be considered in marketing – because the dynamics of each differs significantly.

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Content Marketing – is more, better?

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34.8% of marketers are planning to focus their attention on content marketing in 2013, this up from 18.9% in 2012 according to the recent ’2013 State of Content Marketing Study’ released by Copypress – an online content producer. Read the full report HERE.

With the rise in the realisation that as an important part of the marketing mix, we need to increase our content marketing activities, the danger lies in the rampant belief that more content is better. This is not necessarily the case.

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