To Do Social Media Well, You Must Get Personal!

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Business is becoming increasingly driven by technology and in many cases – automated. Whether its an email auto response we receive, or a call centre we need to deal with, or even systems that check whether we’re due for a credit increase at the bank – we’re engaging with each other through technology far more than we are personally.

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Quantity vs. Quality – The Best Approach for Internet Marketing

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The debate over whether quantity is preferable to quality applies to virtually every sphere of marketing. In this post, we are going to take a look at how this applies to Internet Marketing. The object of internet advertising is to drive traffic to your website, while social media networking and content marketing fulfil the rest ...Continue Reading

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4 Steps to Building a Solid Opt-in Mobile Subscriber List

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Waiting to start mobile marketing until you have a mobile database is impossible – in order to build a mobile marketing database you will need to do some mobile marketing.

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Getting to Grips with Social Media Marketing Measurement

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According to research by technology research company, World Wide Worx, South African business is slowly getting into the Social Media Marketing swing. Many are still not entirely sure what to do with their social media marketing efforts, while others are struggling to come to terms with whether social media marketing is in fact working for them or not.

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