Taking the ROI Journey in Content Marketing

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80% of business decision-makers and 70% of consumers would prefer to get company information in a series of articles rather than an advertisement.

If you are looking for validation as to why you should either start, or continue with your content marketing efforts, then this statement really confirms the reason why content marketing is a crucial consideration in your overall marketing and sales strategy.

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Shouldn’t you be Pioneering Short Video in South Africa?

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By now you will have undoubtedly heard of Vine – the mobile app that lets you share images and 6 second videos on Twitter. What you may have also heard is that Instagram, an image sharing app which is owned by Facebook, recently launched their video sharing feature which offers 15 second clips.

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The 2 Reasons Why Optimising your Website for Mobile is Now Critical

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We all knew that sooner or later, mobile phones and tablets would dominate the way we interact online. We just weren’t sure exactly when. That time has now arrived and companies who don’t optimise their websites for mobile search soon, will very shortly be left in the dust of those forward thinking companies who have.

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Why You Need to Beat a Short Attention Span with Great Content

attention span
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How long is your attention span? If you aren’t sure – take this test to find out.

According to recent statistics, the average human being today has an attention span of roughly 8 seconds. Tweet this

This is one second less than a goldfish and is also down from 12 seconds in 2000. Could it be that our attention span will reduce even further in the coming years?

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