Viral Internet Marketing Lessons from Cats

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Cats: funny, cute, grumpy, fat, small – the internet and social media is overrun with them. So we ask ourselves – what makes cat related content go viral? What lessons, from this seemingly innocuous shared ‘cat content’, can we learn and incorporate into our internet marketing efforts? Firstly – most of the cat content we ...Continue Reading

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Your Top 10 Mobile Marketing Questions Answered

Mobile marketing
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Mobile marketing has not yet achieved much popularity in South Africa. For the most part, it is financial services, such as insurance and banking, as well as retail companies that have adopted mobile marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.

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To Curate or Create Content – What Should South Africans be Doing?

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If 87% of buyers say that online content has a major or moderate impact on vendor preference and selection, then why is it that so many South African companies and individuals appear to be disinclined to create and publish valuable content online?

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In Social Media – What is Seen is What is Remembered!

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The social media landscape is an ever changing one. New strategies and tactics are constantly being employed in an attempt to grab and retain audience engagement.

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