WHAT? You haven’t optimised your email for mobile yet? C’mon you’re missing out!

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Mobile marketing remains fairly unchartered territory in South Africa. While some larger organisations have dabbled in a variety of mobile marketing campaigns, most medium size companies and SME’s are still hesitant to fully incorporate mobile marketing as an integral part of their overall marketing strategy. This scenario needs to change however. And for good reason. ...Continue Reading

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5 Steps to a Rock Solid Content Marketing Strategy

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Many people think of content marketing as being limited to web and blog articles and social media. This is not true, so let’s start off with a basic definition of what content marketing actually includes. Content Marketing – more than blogs and Facebook! Content encompasses written, visual or auditory material and includes everything from your ...Continue Reading

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Can your Customers Dot-Complain? Customer Service Has Gone Social!

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Who loves phoning a call-centre? Please raise your hands! No takers? Well this is hardly surprising. While this article is not about call-centres per se, nor about the level of service one typically receives from them, they do epitomise what has happened to the level of service that a broad-spectrum of companies (particularly larger ones) ...Continue Reading

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Mobile Marketing – keep up or lose out

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According to a recent global survey released by Nielsen, mobile advertising according to 37% of respondents,  remains the least trusted form of promotion, while the recommendations from friends and family (also known as earned media) is with a whopping 84%, the most trusted form of promotion. Online advertising mediums meanwhile, continue to earn the trust ...Continue Reading

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