Optimise Twitters new Mute Function with these Great Tips!

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Having completed a limited test period, Twitter has officially started the roll out of its brand new ‘Mute’ function to mobile (iOS & Android) and web app users. The new feature, which will take a few weeks to roll out to all of Twitters users, provides you with the option to stop seeing Tweets and Retweets from specific users in your home timeline, without actually unfollowing them.

How Twitters new Mute function works

To Mute a user from your timeline, select one of the users Tweets, tap or click on ‘more’ and select the first option which will now be Mute @(username).

Remember that the mute function will take a few weeks to roll out to all Twitter accounts, so you may not be able to find this function just yet. When asked to update the Twitter app on your PC, tablet or Smartphone, be sure to do so in case the mute feature has been included in your update batch.

Could the Mute function be bad news for companies?

This is what we really all want to know! How will the new Mute function impact how companies use Twitter?

While for individual users the Mute function is great news, as it means that without offending someone, you will be able to simply block their Tweets; for companies – this innovation will effectively force them to take an honest look at their Twitter communications and implement ways of ensuring that each Tweet and Retweet is something that their followers definitely want to read.

So the question is: How can you ensure that you publish great content?

Social media is generally accepted as a place to discuss topics and share thoughts, experiences and ideas. Social media is not, and never has been, a place to push product or post self-adulatory updates – despite the fact that many companies have indulged in doing this!

If you’re wondering how to communicate on social media, think about the way that you would make friends face to face. Popular people are generally the ones who are entertaining, interesting and have concern for others, while we all tend to steer clear of those annoying individuals who tend to talk almost exclusively about themselves. The same applies to social media!

Social media giants are attempting to ensure that the integrity of social media is maintained.

Facebook, with its new feed algorithm, has reduced how many times users get to see updates from company pages and now Twitter, with its new Mute function, is forcing companies to revise their content strategies and communications. In other words, we are being forced to become truly social and deliver interesting and valuable content.

Let’s not forget Google in this equation either! The recent updates to Googles search algorithm Hummingbird, has also forced companies to begin compiling and publishing interesting content and good quality websites.

So all in all these changes are actually a benefit for companies, as together they enforce the principles that really are the foundation for successful content marketing!

What to Avoid

  • Talking about yourself:While there isn’t a problem in occasionally mentioning an award or success, you should seek to share interesting and entertaining information and avoid blowing your own trumpet.
  • Using hashtags incorrectly: Never over-hashtag your Tweets! One key hashtag (#) per Tweet is very often enough! Be sure to capitalise longer hashtags, for example: #MicrosoftOffice2013 instead of #microsoftoffice2013, and avoid hashtags that are longer than 20 characters.
  • Inviting RT’s and Follows: Let your audience decide whether they want to follow you or not, or whether content is good enough to share or not. Asking your customers and prospects for RT’s (Retweets) and Follows, is considered by most people as being just plain rude.
  • Spammy content: Never ever spam a follower’s timeline or inbox with information about your company. If what you offer is valuable to them, and your Tweets are interesting enough to ignite their interest, they will make contact with you.
  • Being insensitive: Riding on current catastrophes or sad events is never acceptable. In fact unless you are offering condolences or providing constructive assistance, it is best to steer clear of these. In addition, posting about your political views is a definite no-no!
  • Being inactive: Aim to post something from our ‘What to Share’ list at the very least, 3 times per week. You should ideally be posting a few (say 3) messages on Twitter once or twice per day. Twitter is intended for active conversation between users, not the odd arbitrary comment here and there.

What to Share

  • Industry related ideas: Progressive ideas which enrich your followers day or their experience within your industry, will showcase the depth and breadth of your knowledge and are a great way to ignite interest and earn trust.
  • Helpful tips:Many people use Twitter for professional reasons, or to find information and make them better at what they do. Tweeting usable tips is a great way to share knowledge and expertise, while offering something of value to your prospects upfront.
  • Surprise give-aways: Everyone loves an unexpected gift and most of us definitely like to share good news! Surprising one of your users with a once off freebie, such as free delivery on their order, or a free item or service, is a great way to reward customers, entrench your relationship with them and indeed – to get your post Retweeted!
  • Humour: We all like to take a break and have a laugh and most people will quite readily share a good piece of humour. Peppering your Tweets with a good one liner or meme for example, is a great way to engage your followers. Social media is based on human interactions, and sharing humour really shows the human side of a brand.
  • Statements and quotes: Inspirational and thought provoking quotes are a great way to share depth, as well as give your followers something interesting to read, while they are often items that people will share with their followers as it makes them look good! Be sure to always reference the individual who originally authored the quote!

Become an engagement expert!

Every company revolves around people, but how often in our digital world do we forget this? Social media was originally developed as a means to increase the connections that we have with each other. The sad reality is however, that social media channels have been badly abused for self-promotion and advertising.

Companies that seek to engage with people first and ensure that personalised service lies at the foundation of their operations, are almost always more successful.

So when it comes to Twitter, and the new way in which you need to approach your communication strategy over this platform, remember that above all, you must be able to really engage with your audience.

This means that you need to look at what they are talking about on Twitter, find out what interests them and try to Tweet information and topics that you know will interest the people in your professional circles. Personalising your interactions with clients often results in successful outcomes, so in terms of Twitter, you could for example, even go so far as to share specific posts with specific followers.

They key is to continually seek out ways of improving how you use social media to invest in your clients. The successful companies of the future are the ones that will be constantly pushing the envelope and employing innovative ways of adding value to their clients using the online tools of social media, websites and blogs.

If you find that you are strapped for time, why not consider contacting The Formula to assist you in managing your social media. From compiling and implementing an effective social media strategy, to managing your social media accounts and communications – we are able to handle all the nitty-gritty social media activities on your behalf. Chat to Garth Dahl or Shiraz Khatib on 021 556 5661 or email us: info@theformula.co.za to set up your FREE consultation. We look forward to helping you and your business flourish!


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