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Let’s face it. Advertising isn’t exactly a bargain. But it doesn’t have to be as costly an endeavor as many people believe it to be.

Affordable Traditional Marketing

As we talked about yesterday, advertising is usually used as a surface treatment. Asking advertising to do the lion’s share of marketing your product or service is a yeoman’s task. That’s when things start to get expensive. For example, a relatively unremarkable store selling relatively unremarkable products in a relatively unremarkable fashion will often times expect an advertising campaign to yield leads and sales. It’s possible, but it will take a hefty cash commitment from the unremarkable player. The advertising message will need to be geared toward the masses and communicated to as many people as possible. That’s not cheap – and it’s not smart either.
A remarkable business, on the other hand, is playing by an entirely different set of rules. A company with a remarkable product, service or method can deploy a remarkable advertising message to a small, targeted group of individuals who are most likely to appreciate the company’s uniqueness and act upon it. They, in turn, will spread the word about that company.
Another tremendous benefit enjoyed by companies that are remarkable is the concept of permission. A company with a unique size, flavor, or look has a better than average chance of requesting and receiving permission from their would-be and current customers to market directly to them with specific and relevant information. It’s a concept we’ll talk more about in a few days, but the concept is simple. When someone permits you to market to them, the task is easier, the cost is lower, and the results are better.
Advertising is only expensive when you ask it to do a remarkable task for an unremarkable company. So dig deep and find out what’s remarkable about your product or service or method or whatever and start telling the people who care.


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