Did you know that you’re an Industry Expert? Now it’s time to share!

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One of the keys to successful content marketing, is your ability to position yourself, or your brand and your organisation as a thought leader, expert or authority within your industry.

Your winning content marketing recipe will include: targeted custom, or authored content that is of high value to customers and prospects, delivered regularly via your blog, newsletter and social media.

But…’ you say ‘there is so much content to be read on the internet already! How could I possibly make myself and my company stand out?

Your answer lies in what you know about your competitors and their online activities, how you as a result, position yourself and the information you’re willing to share so that you offer something unique or better, as well as the frequency with which you share high quality information (or content) that you author.

On a purely practical level, Google, which remains the search engine of choice today, is able through its latest Hummingbird search algorithm, to swiftly identify which brand or company within an industry, can be considered an authority and therefore which websites will be ranked on the first page in the results of a search. Google arrives at a decision based on the quality, relevance and quantity of content you share, as well as the level of engagement that you are able to garner from your online community.

If only for your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy and nothing else – it is imperative in today’s bustling, highly competitive online market, to ensure that you do what it takes to stand out. Stagnant websites that are hardly ever updated are more likely to fail the companies they represent.

Your active content marketing strategy, based on sharing your own expertise, is today’s answer to helping ensure that you optimise the opportunity for your website and other online marketing efforts to help retain existing clients, as well as attract prospects and convert them into customers.

You’re already an expert – so let those cats out of the bag!

Every business owner, the individuals within the E and C suite, as well as many dedicated employees within an organisation can be considered a repository of highly specific, relevant information.

It is common for passionate, driven individuals to continuously update their knowledge as these individuals are keen to remain both current and effective within their careers. In addition, years of hands-on experience add depth to their knowledge.

Understanding this, if you really consider your own knowledge and expertise, as well as that of a few of your best and brightest employees, you’re bound to discover that you are sitting on a veritable wealth of exceptionally valuable information.

Without always realising it, you already enrich your clients with gems of information every day. The insightful facts that you almost unwittingly share, make their lives easier, or raise their awareness around your products and services.

The trick is to document these gems of information that you already possess. Pinpoint what information your customers tend to really value from you and then translate that information into interesting articles, social media posts and even videos that can be delivered to your online audience via your blog, social media platforms and direct communications such as your newsletter.

As an Industry Authority – make sure your expertise stands out!

So now you know that you absolutely must engage in content marketing and you’re more comfortable with the fact that you already have access to a wealth of information that your clients are looking for. But let’s unpack the details of our opening paragraphs to this article just a little further, to help you really stand out!

1. Identify your niche

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that you need to know what your competitors are doing. Every organisation offers something unique. That ‘something unique’ could be an actual product, or it could be something less directly tangible such as the quality of service offered or even the prevailing culture clients are likely to experience with your organisation. Consider your experience of having coffee at Vida e caffé vs. enjoying your cuppa at Mugg & Bean. Both restaurants offer great coffee and a great experience – but the culture at each is very different. Identify that which makes you unique, based on what your clients appreciate about you and what you know of your competitors. Use that unique quality as the basis for your content marketing communications.

2. Become synonymous with high quality content

Building a reputation can take time, but once you have done so, maintaining a relationship with your audience and inspiring them to act on whatever you have to say becomes easier, while your reach will over time, become further than your existing client base alone. You should aim for a reputation of excellence. Your highly informative content, should be well written and should inspire your audience to read and react by sharing your content with their network. Read this article for more information on creating content that is good enough to share.

3. Be regular and punctual

There is nothing worse than stumbling upon the website, or social media page of what may otherwise be considered a promising service provider, and finding that their blog or Facebook page for example, was last updated a few months or years ago. Such an encounter always leaves the not so great taste of ‘unprofessional’ in one’s mouth and leaves one wondering whether the company is perhaps redundant, or whether its people simply don’t care about maintaining their online presence. To avoid your customers and prospects having such an experience of your organisation, it is imperative to ensure that you deliver content both regularly and punctually. Consistency is non-negotiable if you are wanting to achieve success in your online marketing.

If crafting interesting articles and social media posts seems daunting to you, or if you would rather someone manage your social media accounts and email-based newsletters on your behalf, consider outsourcing this task to a professional such as The Formula. Our experienced, efficient team is able to swiftly identify your unique value proposition, while understanding your competitors and ensuring that you stand out from them!

Give Garth Dahl or Shiraz Khatib a call on 021 556 5661 or email us: info@theformula.co.za – our consultations are free and we look forward to helping your business grow!


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