Keeping up with the Jones’s 2 – is Your Website ‘on Trend’ in 2017?

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Web design sells – there is little doubt about that. Often described as the ‘Virtual Shop Window’ of a business, your website should showcase your products and services in a manner which is appealing to your customers. If you fail to achieve this, you run the risk of your prospects going elsewhere to procure what they ...Continue Reading

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4 Google updates from 2016 all small businesses need to know about

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From Possum to Penguin 4, when Google makes a change it can have a massive impact on how easily businesses are found in the company’s search results. So far, 2016 has been one of the most eventful years to date in the search engine optimisation (SEO) industry – largely thanks to a string of major updates ...Continue Reading

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Does Your business really need to embrace every new web design trend?

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Answer, simply put “Of cause you do!” Well, that is if you want be competitive in an ever changing online world that is driven by technology and more importantly, consumer demand.

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Is Web Design and Web Development a Dying Trade?

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With the profusion of free and low cost website builders online that are offering an increasingly diverse range of perfectly reasonable website layouts, is it possible that website design and development services, offered by online marketing companies such as The Formula, could be a dying trade? Certainly within the low cost, subscription based offerings, there ...Continue Reading

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