Why You Need to Beat a Short Attention Span with Great Content

attention span
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How long is your attention span? If you aren’t sure – take this test to find out.

According to recent statistics, the average human being today has an attention span of roughly 8 seconds. Tweet this

This is one second less than a goldfish and is also down from 12 seconds in 2000. Could it be that our attention span will reduce even further in the coming years?

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Is Keyword Optimization in Content Marketing still Relevant?

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Since Google’s most recent update to its algorithms Panda and Penguin, there is much discussion around whether keywords are still a relevant part of SEO and Content Marketing.

Before we continue, it is important to stress that SEO and Content Marketing are not the same thing – but that they do go hand-in-hand. In SEO you ‘write for Google’ taking into account everything that search engines are wanting, while in Content Marketing you are ‘writing for an audience’, ensuring that what you talk about is interesting and relevant to your customers.

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Content Marketing – is more, better?

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34.8% of marketers are planning to focus their attention on content marketing in 2013, this up from 18.9% in 2012 according to the recent ’2013 State of Content Marketing Study’ released by Copypress – an online content producer. Read the full report HERE.

With the rise in the realisation that as an important part of the marketing mix, we need to increase our content marketing activities, the danger lies in the rampant belief that more content is better. This is not necessarily the case.

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5 Tips for Effective Digital Marketing

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Everyone from the average consumer to the marketing departments of Fortune 100 companies are going digital. With this in mind, a digital marketing strategy is essential for any company that wishes to have longevity in their market.

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