5 Ways to Run a Tight Ship in Social Media Marketing!

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Most business owners are well aware that an active presence on social media can make a significant, positive impact on the success of their overall internet marketing strategy. If you’re not yet a believer in social media, then take a look at our previous articleSocial Media Marketing – it’s not a question of if but when to discover why you should be climbing on the bandwagon boots and all.

The sad reality is that the majority of businesses start off their social media pursuits with wonderful intentions – but they don’t stick to whatever steps they need to take to realise their social media goals. So in this post, we will be sharing the top 5, super simple approaches that you should take to ensure that you are engaging in social media, in a way that will benefit your business in a consistent manner.

1.       Choose a Social Media Platform or 3

While it may be tempting to get your business ‘out there’ by signing up for an account with every conceivable social media platform and linking all of these accounts to your website – don’t do it.

Take a good look at all the social media platforms available and decide which ones you are really comfortable and familiar with. Chances are you will be looking at a manageable selection which will in all likelihood include Facebook, Twitter and perhaps a third platform (time permitting) such as LinkedIn or Pinterest.


You will also need to take the nature of your business into  account when deciding on the best social media platform to choose. Do you offer products? Perhaps Pinterest is a good place to showcase them? If you run a professional consultancy – then you may want to actively engage on LinkedIn to generate leads.

Decide on how much time you have to spend on really making the most of a select few social media platforms rather than spread yourself too thin over too many.

 2.       Decide on a Message – Your Voice

What are you really wanting to talk to your prospects and clients about? How can you help to solve their problem and brighten their day somehow? Chances are you will find  your answers more easily if you think back to the meetings and conversations that you have had with them. Using the concerns that your clients raise with you, is one way of deciding what information they will value receiving from you via social media. Your social media posts should also always be peppered with light-hearted or inspirational posts.

The key here is to decide on what you want to say. Think of a couple of key topics and sub-divide those key topics into smaller supporting topics that provide more in-depth detail. This should give you plenty of leads that you can then research or work with. Your topic list can be reviewed every few months – but be sure to create a list as this will provide structure and direction to your posts and help to ensure that you are also aligning to your overall brand message.

3.       Manage your Social Media from a Central Location

Logging in to each social media account separately is both a hassle and a waste of time if you are a busy business owner. Rather consider using a social media management facility such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

Both of these social media facilities offer free membership options and provide you with the ability to manage all of your social media accounts from a single platform (and therefore a single login). With these facilities, you are able to schedule your social media posts ahead of time so that they are distributed automatically. Both of these social media management tools, also provide great analytical tools so that you are able to quickly see which posts have attracted the most attention and engagement for your business. This will help you to plan your messaging for the future.

Here’s a note: Hootsuite currently has a slight advantage over Buffer, in that it offers a more comprehensive dashboard which enables you to monitor conversations and view other peoples content.

4.    Post Regularly

Posting once or twice and then forgetting about your social media activity for days, weeks or even months will defeat the object of your having a social media presence entirely. People like consistency and this means that your audience – whether they are made up of prospects or existing clients – will prefer to see more valuable content from you more regularly. If you only post occasionally you run the risk of never being seen amid the myriad posts people wade through every day and of course if you only post a message once every few months, this is generally seen as apathy at best and at worst, people may think your business has shut down!

You should be sending out posts at the very least – once per week! Sending 3 posts per week is good practice and sending posts out once per day is also entirely feasible. Remember that ideal post frequency does differ between Twitter and Facebook, as Twitter users are more prolific in their posts, but you can quite comfortably opt to post a message along with your Facebook posts as this works very well.

 5.       Make Social Media a Good Habit

Your consistent activity on social media will significantly enhance your internet marketing efforts. From providing a reference point for prospects to get a feel for your business when they view your social media pages, to the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that social media activity enhances – you will be doing your business a favour by making social media a good, daily habit.

If you’re worried that you cannot get to the compilation of your weekly social media posts, then we recommend that you set aside just one or two hours per week where you focus on writing your posts for the following week. Of course you will be managing your social media pages from a central social media management platform such as Hootsuite or Buffer, so scheduling your posts ahead of time so that you don’t have to go in to each account every day to load and send your posts, is one worry taken care of.

We also recommend that you spend just 10 minutes every morning and every evening to quickly review your social media pages. This will give you an opportunity to respond to any queries or communications from clients and prospects, and will also enable you to remain abreast with what your audience and your competitors are doing.

Apart from queries from customers, remember that social media provides a platform for you to serve your customers and a portal for them to even complain – as we point out in this earlier post. So ensuring that you respond to all communications as swiftly as possible is absolutely vital if you are wanting to do social media well.

Do you need help in planning your social media marketing strategy, setting up your social media pages or even writing your social media posts? The Formula is flexible to manage your entire social media requirement for you, or portions of your strategy for you as you need. Give us a call and let’s get talking about where your social media activities could be taking your business!

Give Garth Dahl or Shiraz Khatib a call on 021 556 5661 or email us: info@theformula.co.za – our consultations are free and we look forward to helping your business grow!


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