5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Helps Start-ups Succeed

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There is very little in the world of entrepreneurship that can be quite as hair raising, as launching a start-up business and doing the right things in the beginning to make sure that it succeeds! According to a statement made in 2013, by Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies, 5 out of 7 new small businesses fail within their first year.

The journey of an entrepreneur is exciting, but it is also somewhat of a juggling act. With day-to-day challenges such as production management, personnel management and of course that mega hurdle – cash-flow – many start-ups neglect to some extent, their marketing.

But the ability to build a solid reputation right from the outset and develop credibility is in fact critical to success.

One less costly marketing tool, which also includes a variety of additional long term benefits is content marketing. This buzz word has been bandied about for a few years now, and many of the world’s biggest brands have invested serious time and money into it – because it works.

Content marketing however is not just something for big brands with big budgets. It is something that can in fact, be exceptionally beneficial for the start-up, or small business, where budget is limited, but a wide reach into the market place is needed.

Content marketing lets you develop a big voice and a great market presence quickly! Whereas in the past, you would have needed to outlay significant sums of money to advertise your new business, the internet has provided start-up businesses with the opportunity to begin developing a far bigger network of customers fairly inexpensively.

The trick to success here is not about how much you spend, but rather how creative you are prepared to be and how consistent you are in your efforts.

How Content Marketing can help your start-up business succeed

1. Helps you to showcase your knowledge

One of the biggest hurdles as a start-up business that you need to initially overcome, is the ability to prove to customers that you have the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver the products and services that you have on offer.

Content marketing works because it lets you share knowledge and provide valuable information to your existing client base and prospects. Interesting blog posts that you’ve written; links to information from external sources; a bouquet of interesting social media posts; informative content via video – these are all online marketing avenues that let you enrich the customer’s experience, while showing the real breadth and depth of knowledge that you have on the subjects that concern your industry.

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2. Let’s you showcase your experience

While your products and services may be truly outstanding, you may be in a position where you need to prove to new clients, that you have the experience to offer them what they are looking for. Of course you would not have launched your new business if you didn’t have at least some experience within your industry, but as a new company, your customers may be slightly wary because you don’t yet have a long standing reputation.

While content marketing is not a platform for companies or professional individuals to blatantly blow their own trumpets, you can most certainly enrich your clients by sharing your knowledge and experience within your industry. Case studies and whitepapers are great ways to achieve this, though they are mostly suited to the information industries. Other businesses can consider ‘how to’ articles, social media posts or videos, in which you can use one or more of your clients as an example of what you are trying to demonstrate.

3. Sets your company apart as a serious competitor in the market

When new companies make an effort to present themselves as a professional entity right from the word go, they are perceived by customers and prospects as more credible and trustworthy. For companies that are able to maintain a professional image as their business grows and matures, they pave the way for far greater levels of success against even some of their longest standing, well known competitors.

The trick is to ensure consistency. If you decide to maintain a blog – post one article per week and respond to comments and queries swiftly. Your social media pages should feature regular, daily or weekly posts and video content should be added every few months.

4. Enables you to establish rapport and deliver a higher level of customer service from the outset

Keeping in touch with all of your customers regularly, and dedicating the hours and resources needed to attract new customers is incredibly time consuming – and it may just be time that you don’t really have to spare, when you are working on building a successful new business from the ground up.

Content marketing provides you with a great way to stay in touch with the customers that you have brought on board, while ensuring that you have an easily accessible touch point for prospects who may be looking for the products or services that you offer.

Because you are sharing insights and information through your content marketing efforts, you are providing your customers with something of value that goes beyond the sale. When you adopt the principle as a new company, to give first and ask later (which is what you are doing in content marketing), you provide yourself the opportunity to build a relationship with a new customer on a far stronger foundation.

When a prospect has already had the opportunity to get a feel for the culture within your organisation, as well as your knowledge and experience, they are more open to you and the route to sale is therefore far shorter and simpler.

5. Helps to boost the SEO of your new website

The new algorithm, Panda version 4.0, which Google implemented in 20 May 2014, has forced conscientious organisations, who try to ensure that their online marketing efforts are consistently effective, to improve the content that they share and display via their websites.

In other words, the requirement today, is to distribute information that will provide real solutions to the online queries that individuals have. In addition to the fact that relevant, high quality copy is required on each page of the website, search engines such as Google, also require this content to be updated regularly. To achieve this, an active blog is highly effective when relevant articles are posted at least twice per month. This boosts relevant keyword and key-phrase combinations which help to attract prospects who have a particular query, to your website.

In addition, cross linking content across various online destinations is highly beneficial when it comes to boosting search engine optimisation. It is for this reason that active social media accounts are essential.

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If you’re looking forward to setting out on your content marketing journey and making it a success for your business, but feel that you need some help to get the right strategy in place upfront, why not have a chat to Garth Dahl or Shiraz Khatib, who will be only too happy to guide you through the process.


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