2018 – Why anticipating the customer experience journey is vital for online marketing success!

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Internet Marketing The Formula Digital Marketing   The competition to capture and retain customers is both greater and more challenging today than ever before. What sets one company apart from another today, lies in how the customer feels after an engagement. Whether via social media, an online advert or your website – the customer must ...Continue Reading

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5 Essential Steps to Launching your New Website in 2018

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Most of us relish the anticipation of proudly introducing to the online world, the company we’ve worked so hard to build. There is an undeniable excitement and satisfaction that comes with showing off our new brand, our products and our services! If however like most people, you don’t work with websites every day, the prospect ...Continue Reading

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The 7 Skills and 7 Talents of Great Social Media Marketers

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The younger employees in your business are more than likely the best ones to manage your company social media accounts… right?

We’re here to tell you that this is a definite misconception!

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4 Google updates from 2016 all small businesses need to know about

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From Possum to Penguin 4, when Google makes a change it can have a massive impact on how easily businesses are found in the company’s search results. So far, 2016 has been one of the most eventful years to date in the search engine optimisation (SEO) industry – largely thanks to a string of major updates ...Continue Reading

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